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January 2013 Archives

BP claimants denied extension on class action claim

Our New Orleans readers may remember the British Petroleum oil spill of 2010 as one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history. Although it's been nearly three years since the spill, the incident is still the subject of courtroom action. Recently, claimants who experienced damage to their seafood businesses in the disaster filed a motion with a federal court to extend the deadline to join a class action suit stemming from the accident. However, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier was not in favor of extending the deadline for commercial fishing operations for this maritime disaster. Barbier contends that claimants were given sufficient notice in which to join the lawsuit before the deadline.

Family members of BP accident victims question settlement

While clean-up after the BP oil spill continues in the gulf, the memories of those who lost loved ones cannot be so easily removed. The family members of five deceased workers and one injured worker have decided to fight the settlement proposed by BP. They are outraged at the $4.5 billion in settlement for the pending criminal charges because the proposed settlement does not include charges for any top officials in the company. Under the principles of maritime law, victims of this disaster would like to see justice done.

Belle Chasse man killed in freak car accident

The loss of human life is always cause for mourning and reflection. The loss of a beloved family member results in even more sorrow and pain. Such is the case in the death of a Belle Chase man who was killed in a fatal accident on his way to his parent's home.

Proposal provides hope to Louisiana residents with toxic drywall

Hurricane Katrina forever changed the landscape of Louisiana. The loss of life and property was irreplaceable. Some citizens began the process of rebuilding their lives by constructing new homes, only to run into new road blocks.

Suspects apprehended in Algiers carjacking

Whether on the road or at a local store, drivers must be diligent in recognizing their surroundings and anticipating potential dangers that may be around them. The apprehension of suspects in a recent carjacking in Algiers, highlights the need for this skill. Now that suspects are in custody, the surviving family may begin the healing process after the wrongful death of their loved one.