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March 2013 Archives

Grammercy man dies while at work

Every day Americans head out to work assuming that they will return home again. Unfortunately, those involved in fatal workplace accidents will never return home. One wrong move performing a mundane task in the workplace can sometimes result in a loss of life. For the families of most workplace accident victims, the workers compensation system will provide limited death benefits. The employer is immune from a civil lawsuit if it pays workers compensation benefits, but if there was some negligence on the part of a non-employer third party, a wrongful death suit may be an additional remedy available to surviving family members.

Court orders drugged driver to pay more compensation for loss

A Louisiana man who is currently finishing his time in prison for his role in a fatal car accident in which he struck three pedestrians, a mom and her two children, recently received both a rebuke and further consequences for his behavior from the Louisiana Court of Appeals. Following the fatal accident, authorities determined that the man had marijuana and oxycodone in his system. At the time he veered off the road and hit the family, he was speeding at 91 miles per hour.

Drunk driver injures woman in Kenner accident

Readers of our New Orleans personal injury law blog know that drunk drivers can cause serious and irreparable injuries. A recent car accident involving a drunk driver left one woman injured as she tried to run from his pickup truck. The accident happened at 5:15 p.m. in Kenner at the intersection of 27th and Salem Streets. The driver was traveling eastbound when a vehicle suddenly stopped in front of a house. This caused him to lose control of his Ford F-150 pickup.

Truck accident brings I-10 to a standstill

Commercial vehicles transport items of all types, including potentially hazardous chemicals, throughout the United States. When any truck accident occurs, it can cause not only serious injuries but also traffic disruptions that last for a long time. When a hazardous material is being transported in such situations, the potential for disaster is multiplied.

Man killed in early morning accident

A recent accident in eastern New Orleans left one young man dead. The four vehicle car accident began when a Chevrolet Lumina operated by a 23-year-old driver was struck from behind. The Lumina then veered into another lane where it was hit from behind by another vehicle. One driver was taken to the hospital for treatment and the driver of the Lumina was pronounced dead at the scene.

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