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May 2013 Archives

Fatal car accidents increase during Memorial Weekend in Louisiana

Louisiana residents recently celebrated Memorial Day. Whether it was a family barbeque or out at a parade, many took to the state's roadways to get to their celebration destination. Unfortunately, some did not make it there due to a fatal accident.

BP continues to pay restitution for offshore accident

The shores of the state of Louisiana are still recovering after the nation's worst environmental disaster. As part of the settlement agreement to the areas affected, British Petroleum will finance 39 restoration projects throughout the gulf coast. The payments can never bring back the 11 workers that lost their lives in the offshore accident, but it will help to restore resources lost by the oil spill.

Is New Orleans ready for the driverless car?

Imagine if a car could drive itself. One could nap on the way to work, program the car to pick up the kids from soccer practice or legally drive home after drinking too much. The possibilities would be endless. The rate of car accidents would likely decrease over the years and individuals could be more productive in the car.

New guidelines to prevent distracted driving car accidents

The recent "no texting while driving" movement is a prime example of how activists and concerned drivers have tried to make roads a little safer here in Louisiana and across the country. Now the Department of Transportation has created a new "two second" safety guideline that it hopes will contribute to a decrease in the number of car accidents that occur as a result of distracted drivers.