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October 2013 Archives

Families win big over car giant in wrongful death suit

An Oklahoma jury has awarded a large sum to plaintiffs who sued Toyota over a 2007 crash. This is one of the many acceleration cases that are being heard throughout the country. The trial now moves on to the punitive damages stage.

Carnival Cruise line loses crew member in New Orleans accident

Carnival Cruise Line has had another week of bad publicity. The United States Coast Guard is currently investigating the death of a member of the crew. The employee's name has not been released.

Toyota not liable for lack of brake override system

Toyota has been cleared in a product liability case in the state of California. The lawsuit was brought by the family of a car accident victim whose foot became wedged on the gas petal after being struck by another vehicle. The family argued that there was a defect in the design of the brake system.

Verdict rendered in Jackson family wrongful death suit

Fans of singer Michael Jackson waited anxiously this week as the verdict of his wrongful death suit was handed out. The Jackson family did not receive the outcome that they desired. The jury decided that AEG was not responsible for the iconic singer's death.

Navy veteran killed in fatal car accident

On September 18, 2013, the life of a serviceman in Louisiana was brought to an end. This Navy veteran did not lose his life on the battlefield. Instead his life was taken by a drunk driver in a fatal car accident just miles from his home.