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April 2014 Archives

Hit and Run driver taken into custody

Any type of car accident can be devastating. A hit and run can be particularly difficult because the person who flees the scene of a crime can rob the victim and their family of closure. As a matter of public safety, Louisiana highways may become a little less safe until the reckless driver is apprehended and brought to justice.

General Motors trying to avoid product liability suits

As residents of New Orleans may be aware, General Motors in the midst of one of the largest recalls in the company's history. Over 2.5 million cars have been recalled due to ignition-switch issues. Consumers who have been injured are now seeking relief in product liability cases throughout the country. However, GM is hoping to stay these cases by appealing to the bankruptcy court.

Atlanta firefighter loses life on New Orleans street

A fatal collision between a bicyclist and a car took the life of a beloved and devoted family man. Atlanta firefighter, Sgt Frank Guinn, was fatally injured while training for an Ironman competition. Guinn leaves behind a wife, three daughters and countless brothers and sisters from the Atlanta Fire Rescue.

ATV and car collision leaves one dead

Any Louisiana resident who takes to the road must obey the rules of the road. This is true whether operating a car, truck, motorcycle ATV or any other motor vehicle. The life that is preserved could be your fellow drivers or your own life. In addition, when a driver follows safety guidelines, they could reduce their chances of suffering fatal injuries if an accident were to occur due to a negligent driver.

GM expands recall

Louisiana residents rely on numerous products to get through their daily routine. Some heavily rely on automobiles to get through their day and week. Although these are very beneficial products, vehicles could become dangerous and unsafe. When a product is improperly made or there is an error in production, an unaware consumer could suffer injury or even death.

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