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Man claims dangerous premises caused his injuries

Louisiana residents visit a number of locations during any given week. They may go to work, the grocery store, and stop and friends' homes. They may go out to eat, visit the library or stop at the bank to deposit money. While most of us don't often don't think about it in these terms, when visiting these places, we place trust in the owners of these properties. We trust that they will have repaired any obvious safety hazards and taken reasonable steps to protect us from accidents.

Unfortunately, one man suffered serious injuries when during a stop at the gas station he slipped and fell inside the store. The man claims that he walked into a gas station convenience stores and stepped on a slippery substance. His contact with the slippery floor caused him to fall to the ground, resulting in fractures to his hip and leg.

The man his pursuing damages based on the slip-and-fall incident and his claims are based on negligence. He has alleged that store managers failed to warn him of the dangerous conditions inside of the store and that it failed to maintain the store in a safe condition.

As demonstrated by this story slip-and-fall accidents can be very damaging to the health and welfare of their victims. As this man pursues recovery of his losses his case will delve into a complex area of personal injury law: premises liability. Cases that involve this body of law concern personal injuries that were caused by dangers present in or on other people's property. Lawyers who include premises liability law in their personal injury practices can help clients with dangerous premises claims work toward becoming whole through the recovery of their damages.

Source:, "Man claims he broke femur, hip in fall at Racetrac Petroleum station," Carrie Bradon, Oct. 17, 2016

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