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December 2016 Archives

NOPD officer injured in fender-bender

For the New Orleans residents that work a 9 to 5 job, early morning and evening commutes can sometimes be frustrating. Traffic can be dense, and in some cases, motorists might be inattentive. Sitting in rush hour traffic is never a pleasure; however, drivers must always operate a vehicle safely no matter the traffic conditions. The failure to do so could result in a car accident involving an injured victim and damages.

Helping you initiate a successful premises liability claim

On a regular basis, many Louisiana residents enter the property of others for various reasons. Whether it is a grocery store, post office, school, office building or a friend's house, an individual enters someone else's property with the impression that it is safe to do so. While in most cases the safety of visitors and patrons is highly considered, some negligent property owners fail to take appropriate steps. And in these instances, a serious injury could befall an unexpected visitor.