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NOPD officer injured in fender-bender

For the New Orleans residents that work a 9 to 5 job, early morning and evening commutes can sometimes be frustrating. Traffic can be dense, and in some cases, motorists might be inattentive. Sitting in rush hour traffic is never a pleasure; however, drivers must always operate a vehicle safely no matter the traffic conditions. The failure to do so could result in a car accident involving an injured victim and damages.

This is what happened recently in a fender-bender occurring in morning traffic. According to preliminary reports, the crash involved a passenger vehicle and a New Orleans Police Department officer. The collision occurred at the intersection of Robert Street and Freret Street.

An initial investigation revealed that the crash happened when a motorist ran into the rear of an unmarked police vehicle. This resulted in damage to both vehicles. Moreover, the officer suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. The investigation is ongoing for the crash and it is not clear if any citations have been filed in this accident.

In incidents where a negligent driver causes a crash, an injured victim has legal recourse available to them. A personal injury claim could help the injured party recover compensation, helping them cover expenses such as medical bills, lost wages and other related losses.

Being involved in an automobile collision is often unexpected. Even a simple fender-bender could result in a driver or passenger suffering injuries and damages. Therefore, it is important that victims of an automobile crash, no matter the severity, understand their rights and options. Speaking with an experienced attorney could help victims navigate the matter, helping them take timely action.

Source:, "NOPD officer injured in Uptown traffic accident," Dec. 16, 2016

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