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Helping injured seamen and offshore workers

New Orleans is known for Mardi Gras as well as its rich culture. The city is also known for its close proximity to the ocean and other waterways. Due to its easy access to the gulf and the Atlantic Ocean, many residents find careers working in marinas, fishing vessels, barges and other large ships and boats. And while these career paths can be very rewarding, working in this industry can present many risks for seaman and offshore workers.

At Frischhertz Poulliard Frischhertz Impastato, LLC, our law firm understands the many risks faced by seaman and offshore workers. Additionally, our experienced legal is well aware that ship owners and other companies employing seaman and offshore workers bear the responsibility for the health and safety of their employees.

Even more so, employers are obligated to provide their workers free medical care and basic living expenses when a seaman or offshore worker suffers an injury on-the-job. This obligation falls under the doctrine of maintenance and cure, and our skilled legal team has guided past clients through these legal matters.

Suffering an injury while at sea or working on the shore can be life altering. A worker can endure much pain and suffering, while also requiring much medical treatment when they are recovering from the work injury. Such a situation can cause an injured seaman and offshore worker to miss work while he or she recovers. This could cause financial problems; however, maritime law allows for these workers the opportunity to collect compensation for their losses.

To learn more, check out our law firm's admiralty and maritime law web page. Being injured on the job can be a difficult situation for any Louisiana employee; however, for those working on vessels, it can be extremely challenging to overcome an injury when his or her home is on a boat at sea. Therefore, it is important that injured seaman and offshore workers understand the right afforded to them.

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