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Truck-car accidents still common, despite heavy regulation

Semis and tractor-trailers are only a small portion of national traffic, yet ensuring that the trucks and drivers at their helm are 100 percent safe is essential because of the size differential between the average car and a fully stocked trailer.

When cars and trucks collide, the car comes out with more damage and, most often, more serious injuries for passengers and drivers. In a review of National Highway Traffic Safety Association data, over a ten-year period from 2006-2015, only 4 percent of fatalities in traffic accidents were to large truck drivers while 36 percent were in passenger vehicles.

Federal guidelines

Truck operators face many strict regulations to guarantee safe roads, but when a transportation company wants to boost profits, they may overlook them to get a faster delivery or higher volume. Everything from vehicle inspection to driver health has a set of guidelines but these can go ignored to expedite a shipment.

One recent safety concern is the recall of Goodyear tires manufactured in early to mid 2016, citing the risk of tread separation. A tire without tread will lose maneuverability, putting surrounding traffic at risk.

Following a truck-car collision

Whenever a truck-car accident occurs it's important to conduct an investigation to determine the cause. If the truck wasn't up to code or if the driver was fatigued, impaired or distracted, the transportation company is responsible for damages. Not just auto repairs, but also for health care, pain and suffering.

Personal injury attorneys aren't just skilled in the courtroom, but also at reconstructing accidents to determine causation and liability through thorough investigation.

Recall matters

If faulty equipment, such as the Goodyear recall, causes a truck-car collision, then liability may include a third party. There are many fine points to a truck-car collision investigation, but the primary focus is to receive satisfactory compensation for damages from a preventable crash.

Driving is a daily part of life for most Louisianans. While it's often taken for granted, it's also a medical hazard and drivers need to drive defensively, remembering that their health is also at risk. You can look out for yourself, but sometimes a bad tire or an inattentive driver is unavoidable.

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