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What duty does a business owner have for safety?

Are business owners responsible for injuries to employees, customers or even trespassers who enter the property? While workers' compensation covers the vast majority of accidents involving employees, business owners should be aware of the liability that could be placed on them in an incident on the business' premises, such as a slip-and-fall accident.

What are the grounds for a premises liability lawsuit? When an individual is injured on another person's property, and that the accident was caused by dangerous conditions. It must also be proven that the resulting dangerous condition was apparent to the business owner or that the business owner should have been aware of these conditions.

Business owners have a duty to take reasonable care in keeping their premises free of hazardous conditions. If they breach this duty, and someone else is injured as a result, the owner may be held liable for the damages. This concept is known as premises liability.

The business owner may be found negligent if he or she knew about dangerous conditions and did nothing to repair them, or if the dangerous condition was in place for such a long period that the owners should have known about it.

For instance, a grocery store owner who could see that there was water all over the floor and did nothing to clean it up might be considered negligent if a customer slipped on the slick floor and was injured. If the owner didn't know about the water, perhaps the owner could escape liability. However, if the water was on the floor for a long period of time, the court may conclude that the owner should have known about it.

Slip-and-fall accidents are relatively common, but they can lead to serious injuries and expenses. A premises liability claim could help the injured party recover the necessary compensation to cover expenses such as medical bills, lost wages and other related losses and damages. Those unsure how to move forward following a slip-and-fall accident should take steps to fully understand their rights and available options.

Source:, "Keeping People Upright: Protecting Your Business from Premises Liability Lawsuits," Fred Cohen, July 28, 2016

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