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June 2017 Archives

Construction accidents and the 'Fatal Four'

While they provide a very necessary service in Louisiana, whether it is fixing a road or erecting a building, it may go without saying that those who work in the construction industry face dangers those in other occupations do not. They often work with heavy machinery, at great heights or in close proximity to swiftly moving vehicles. Unfortunately, this also means that many of those in the construction industry will be injured in workplace accidents.

Louisiana seaman claims incompetence led to on-the-job injuries

Many people in Louisiana make their living at sea, whether they are working on an off-shore oil rig, a fishing vessel, a drill ship or any other seagoing vessel. However, many of these occupations can be hazardous if an employer fails to act with due care, which could lead to workers being injured on-the-job.

Need help navigating the choppy waters of a cruise injury claim?

Many people in Louisiana likely dream of going on a cruise with images of romantic dinners and soaking up the sun on the deck. However, things are not always as idyllic as it seems in movies and on brochures. Just like in any other public area, things can go wrong. You might pick up a norovirus from contaminated food, slip on a spilled drink or a puddle near the pool, or find yourself directly beneath a dropped beer bottle from a higher deck.

What are some common causes of elevator accidents?

Taking an elevator in a building, rather than climbing the stairs, is so commonplace that most people in New Orleans do not even consider that something could go wrong. After all, there are about 900,000 elevators in our nation, and on average each elevator will be used by 20,000 individuals annually. However, there are a number of things that could go wrong with an elevator. These situations are more than just frightening -- they could even lead to injuries.

What are some red flags of nursing home neglect?

The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is never easy. Unfortunately, some nursing homes in New Orleans do not provide residents with adequate care. There are some signs a resident's loved ones should keep an eye out for that could point to nursing home neglect.

Fidget spinners can cause injuries, some parents want recall

As New Orleans residents may know, the latest fad in toys amongst children nationwide are "fidget spinners." However, some parents are calling for a recall of the popular toy after several children swallowed metal discs on the toy that would become loose and fall off.