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Car Accidents Archives

Distracted driving: There's an app for that

The good news is that Louisiana drivers are getting the message about the dangers of texting and driving. The bad news is that they are not learning the same lesson about apps. It seems as if safety advocates win a victory over one distraction only to have another take its place.

What should I do immediately after an auto accident?

One minute a person is driving along, minding their own business. The next -- wham! -- they find themselves involved in a car accident. Many motorists in New Orleans have experienced this horror. It is a good idea to know the proper course of action to take immediately following a car accident. This blog post will provide readers with some general information regarding the steps that should be taken after an accident.

Car accident victims in Orleans Parish may have legal options

Many Orleans Parish residents have experienced the misfortune of a car accident. The property damage alone can be devastating, as people must figure out how to get through life without a car, at least for the short term. Even more devastating is the scenario where a victim suffers personal injury and has to deal with the repercussions. If the victim is killed in the accident, the effects can be even more severe.

How does the law determine negligence in a car wreck case?

Not too long ago, we mentioned in a blog post that a driver who acts in a negligent manner may be liable for any damages that result from the driver's negligence. How does this work? How does the law determine that someone has driven a car negligently? This blog post will provide a little more information on the topic of negligence, for the benefit of Orleans Parish readers.

Determining fault and liability for an auto accident

Car accidents are a persistent problem in Orleans Parish and the United States generally. The lives of many people have been changed by car wrecks. Sometimes the effects are limited to property damage and minor injuries. Other times, however, victims may experience catastrophic effects from head injury, spinal cord injury and other kinds of injury. Regardless of the impacts, our legal system will assign fault for the accident. How is fault determined for an auto accident? How is the question of legal liability answered for injuries suffered in an accident?

Our lawyers have helped many car accident victims in New Orleans

Car accident victims in New Orleans may find themselves suffering the consequences of a number of injuries such as brain, head and spine injuries, fractures, amputations, dislocations, knee injuries, neck, back and shoulder injuries and whiplash. These injuries can result in acute medical emergencies requiring immediate medical care. Moreover, car accident can also result in chronic conditions with long-term impacts. No matter the aftermath of a car crash, money is required to treat recovery from the injuries suffered.

What are some signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury?

Car accidents can inflict a wide variety of injuries - from broken bones to back problems - on Orleans Parish residents. Unfortunately, brain injury is sometimes an outcome of a car wreck. This blog post will give a quick summary of some of the various kinds of traumatic brain injury suffered by car accident victims.

Drunk Driving in the state of Louisiana

There are many factors that can lead to car accidents. Sometimes it is dangerous weather conditions or distracted driving. Other times a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sadly, drunk driving is still a big problem in the state of Louisiana. As another holiday season begins, it is important to highlight this issue and remind drivers to designate another person to drive when alcohol is consumed.

Hands-free innovations can still result in a distracted driver

Drivers in New Orleans and across the country are keenly aware of the dangers of texting and driving and using smartphones while operating their vehicles. Given the way that car manufacturers and smartphone manufacturers are tasked with keeping up with the times while maintaining safety, it is a challenge to find ways to prevent a car accident while simultaneously allowing drivers to stay connected. However, even someone who is taking steps to avoid being a careless driver by using hands-free technology might still be at risk for a crash due to being a distracted driver.

Labor Day weekend New Orleans car accidents

The last hurrah of summer in New Orleans is Labor Day weekend. Fun with family and friends is the hallmark of the holiday. However, for some Louisiana families, this weekend did not end on a happy note. Instead, it was filled with danger as several vehicles were involved in a multi-vehicle accident on highways.