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motor vehicle accidents Archives

Insurer blamed for fatal crash

A Louisiana car accident has many causes, besides distracted driving or reckless drivers. A federal lawsuit, for example, was filed against State Farm Auto Insurance, claiming that it was involved in a faulty car repair that led to a catastrophic accident in Dec. 2013. That crash trapped the driver in his burning car.

Opioids can cause traffic deaths

The national opioid epidemic has led to tragic headlines, even in New Orleans, Louisiana. This crisis is not limited to overdose deaths, though. It hits the nation's roads as it becomes, like drunk drivers, a significant cause of fatal auto accidents.

Impaired driver injures deputy

Some of our readers may have seen a recent news report about an allegedly impaired driver who injured a sheriff's deputy after crashing into his vehicle in St. John the Baptist Parish. The hit-and-run driver allegedly violated Louisiana's "move over" law.

Man killed in five-vehicle accident on I-10

Rush hour traffic can be a headache to say the least. No one wants to be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic at the end of a long workday. However, it is important to pay attention when traffic becomes congested. As one deadly accident shows, the failure to react properly to a slowdown in traffic can have disastrous results.

Tips on preventing driver fatigue

Old wives' tales about how to avoid fatigued driving abound. Some people in New Orleans may think a caffeinated drink, loud music or fresh air will keep them alert enough to drive, even if they are tired. Unfortunately, these methods are no match against extreme fatigue, and drivers who try to rely on them to stay alert behind the wheel may cause a car accident due to drowsy driving.

Talking and texting driving insurance rates

Distracted driving, including texting and driving and other use of electronic devices, and an improving economy are responsible for a dramatic jump in auto accidents in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These factors also caused double-digit increases in automobile insurance rates in Louisiana and the country.

Proper car seat usage could prevent injuries in a car accident

Drivers in passengers in Louisiana and elsewhere tend to take caution when they are traveling in a vehicle. In most cases, this looks like wearing a seatbelt. Because it is not only adults that could suffer injuries in a car accident, it is also important to take steps to protect child and infant passengers. This does not only mean using car seats and booster seats but also properly using them as well.

What are the 'federal rest rules' and why do they matter?

What are commonly called "federal rest rules" are in fact federal regulations that apply to the drivers of many commercial vehicles, particularly large trucks other vehicles used to transport property or passengers over state lines. Many drivers that must follow these regulations transport cargo and passenger on the roads in and around New Orleans, Louisiana.

NOPD officer injured in fender-bender

For the New Orleans residents that work a 9 to 5 job, early morning and evening commutes can sometimes be frustrating. Traffic can be dense, and in some cases, motorists might be inattentive. Sitting in rush hour traffic is never a pleasure; however, drivers must always operate a vehicle safely no matter the traffic conditions. The failure to do so could result in a car accident involving an injured victim and damages.

Woman does not survive pedestrian accident in Louisiana

In cities like New Orleans, residents often choose to get around by foot. Although walking on sidewalks, in residential areas or on the sides of the streets is a healthy way to get around, it is also one that carries several risks. Pedestrians are not always readily seen, and if a distracted driver is traveling nearby, there could be a collision with a pedestrian attempting to cross the road.