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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

Bankruptcy impacts airbag lawsuits

Takata Corp. faced an additional global recall last week for its defective airbags and the number of confirmed deaths associated with this product defect rose again. Additionally, car manufacturers are using Takata's recent bankruptcy filings to limit their liability for installing these defective car parts.

Fidget spinners can cause injuries, some parents want recall

As New Orleans residents may know, the latest fad in toys amongst children nationwide are "fidget spinners." However, some parents are calling for a recall of the popular toy after several children swallowed metal discs on the toy that would become loose and fall off.

Johnson & Johnson to pay $110.5 million in cancer lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson's baby powder, which is made of crushed-up talc, has been around since 1894. It has been used for many purposes, particularly to absorb moisture. People in New Orleans who use baby powder either on their infants or on themselves may assume that a product that is so commonplace cannot be dangerous. However, that may not be the case.

Products liability: soynut product recall expanded

For those with peanut allergies in Louisiana, the advent of other nut butters has allowed them to enjoy foods that they otherwise would not be able to eat. Even those without peanut allergies may, for health reasons or simply due to enjoyment, consume nut butters, such as soynut butters. However, one brand of soynut butter has caused several people in the United States to become seriously ill.

What does a medical device recall look like?

As a previous post noted, medical devices are often a necessary product in the lives of Louisiana residents. Although these items serve a vital role, some problems can arise. A malfunction could occur, causing a defective medical device. While this situation could result in little to no harm to the patient using the medical devise, a malfunction could generate a dangerous product that could cause serious injury or even death. Thus, a recall is usually issued in these situations.

Defective medical devices and products liability suits

Residents in New Orleans have a broad range of medical needs. In some cases, this goes beyond just surgeries and medications. Some patients require the assistance of medical devices to help them with ailments and conditions. While these devices can be very effective and necessary, they do not always work as intended. In some unfortunate cases, a defective medical device could cause harm and risk the life of a patient.

Tests indicate rate of Takata air bag product malfunction

The news regarding defective air bags from Takata has grown so common that it is easy for Louisiana residents to become inured to it and perhaps miss important new revelations. Air bag inflators might not have been a significant concern when people purchased their automobiles, but given the number of people who have suffered serious injury and even death as a result of product malfunction of this defective auto part, it is imperative to keep track of new information that arises regarding how and why it happened to determine whether or not it is possible to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

After consumer injuries, protecting consumer rights

On a typical day, residents in New Orleans rely on various products to effectively get through his or her day. Automobiles, household products and other consumer goods make life easier and provide many benefits. Whether a product is designed to complete a certain task or is primarily use for entertainment, some consumer goods have numerous working parts. This means that each component has to be properly designed, produced, manufactured and put together to successfully result in a completed product. This not only ensures that the product works properly, but also is safely operating. If any of the steps in the process are not followed properly, this could result in a faulty or dangerous product.

FDA announces product recall on contaminated sunflower seeds

When folks in New Orleans are looking for a healthy way to snack, they often turn to food products -- such as certain kinds of granola and snack bars -- made with sunflowers seeds. People choosing these foods may be avoiding some of the dangers associated with red meat and processed foods. Unfortunately, they may be unknowingly putting themselves into a more immediate kind of danger, thanks to possibly negligent food contamination.