Nearly one month after the hurricane Isaac, the Stolthaven Chemical facility still cannot tell residents what chemicals were discharged, how much chemicals were discharged, or the extent of any contamination.  Since the storm, widely varying estimates of the type and amount of chemicals discharged have been provided by the company.  First, claims were made that no chemicals were discharged.  Then came the admission that small amounts of two chemicals were discharged from damaged storage tanks.  Stolthaven was first fined for failing to notify authorities of the spill timely.

The latest news from (Stolthaven hit with second violation) is that the Louisiana DEQ has issued a second violation notice to Stolthaven for failing to properly prepare prior to hurricane Isaac.  Additionally, as many as 28 chemicals may have been discharged into the community.  Stolthaven claims that damage to the facility prevents accurate estimates, but nearly 200,000 gals. of hazardous chemicals may have been discharged.

We have filed a class action lawsuit against Stolthaven for failing to properly secure their facility prior to the storm.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of all residents in the affected area and is not limited to those who were required to evacuate because of the chemical release.  We are still investigating to determine what was released and the extent of the affected area.  If you believe you were affected or have information about the chemical release please contact us. 

We strongly recommend that you consult an attorney prior to speaking to anyone associated with Stolthaven.  Anything you sign could potentionally effect your rights