Stolthaven Chemical Spill

Our firm has filed a class action lawsuit entitled Jesse Shaffer, III, Suzanne LaFrance Shaffer, et al. v. Stolthaven, in the 25th Judicial District Court for Plaquemines Parish. We are currently representing Jesse Shaffer, his wife Suzanne LaFrance Shaffer, and their family for the damages they have suffered and will suffer as a result of that Stolthaven chemical spill. As Hurricane Isaac impacted Plaquemines Parish, chemicals and other hazardous substances began to escape from railroad tankcars and also potentially from chemical storage tanks on Stolthaven’s premises.

Citizens from Braithwaite and other areas of the eastbank of Plaquemines Parish were evacuated more than once after hurricane Isaac in order to escape the effects of the chemical spill. If these hazardous materials are not properly remediated and removed from the area, there could be significant effects on the properties in the area, including potential health effects to the citizens, animals, and vegetation. At this point, the exact amount of chemicals released and the exact geographic areas affected are unknown. If you live on the eastbank of Plaquemines Parish, you may be affected now or in the near future. We are pursuing claims for: the inconvenience and restriction from the property to gather those possessions that could be salvaged; the cost of restoring the property to remove the chemicals and other substances; any physical harm suffered due to contact with those substances; decreases in property value as a result of the chemical spill; the cost to test and treat not only the land but also the groundwater in the area; and other damages that may be recoverable.

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