Baby products are among the most trusted items in any store. Parents and grandparents alike pay close attention to the ingredients on every package. What happens when you have read all the packages and you still find out that you have purchased a defective product for your child?

Parents throughout Louisiana should pay close attention to the baby wipes in their homes, according to recent reports regarding a product recall. The wipes in question are manufactured by Nutek Disposables, Inc. They are distributed under the following brand names: Cuties,, Femtex, Fred’s, Kidgets, Member’s Mark, Simply Right, Sunny Smiles, Tender Touch and Well Beginnings. If consumers purchased wipes from,, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Family Dollar or Fred’s stores, they should check their packages.

The problem with the Nutek wipes is that they may be contaminated with bacteria. Numerous consumers have contacted the company to complain about bad odor and discoloration. When a sample of the wipes was tested in the company lab, a bacteria that affects individuals with a compromised immune system was present. The company is investigating the source of the problem.

Any consumer who has purchased one of the defective products can return the wipes to the store where they were purchased and receive a full refund.Although no reports of injuries or illnesses have been reported, parents should observe their children closely for any such problems after being in contact with the product. Any child who is injured may have a valid product liability claim due to the possibility of Nutek’s negligent manufacture of the product.

Source:, “10 Brands of Baby Wipes Recalled Due to Possible Bacteria Contamination,” Oct. 27, 2014