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Car accidents can cause traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury typically occurs due to an impact to the head. Car crashes number among the leading causes of TBI because of the high likelihood that such an impact will occur. People who do not hit their head may still end up with TBI if they abruptly crash to a stop, as in such a situation the brain can bump against the inside of the skull.

What to do after a bicycle accident in Louisiana

Although Louisiana has become a bicycle-friendly state, accidents still happen as motorists and cyclists adjust to changes. Steps you can take as a cyclist to reduce the likelihood of a collision with a motor vehicle include wearing bright clothing, using lights and reflectors on the bike and avoiding riding at night. 

Watch out for these sources of injuries for cruise ship guests

A popular form of vacation is going on a cruise, from Disney-themed trips to tours around Europe or the Caribbean. With a wide variety of on-boat entertainment and land excursions, guests stay busy having a good time. Unfortunately, despite safety regulations, the potential for illness and injury still exists.

Can car accidents cause serious soft tissue injuries?

When a person thinks of car accidents in New Orleans, soft tissue injuries may not immediately come to mind. These injuries affect the fleshy parts of the body, specifically the ligaments, tendons and muscles. In fact, soft tissue trauma is very common in car accidents. Many people dismiss it as minor, but not all soft tissue trauma is merely soreness and bruises. Many motor vehicle collision victims suffer severe tissue injuries that require medical care to keep them from becoming worse. 

Top causes of truck accidents

While any car crash has the potential to result in serious injury, when it involves a big rig, the likelihood of a devastating outcome increases.

Seasickness or food poisoning? How to tell the difference

When you set sail on a cruise, you expect to enjoy the salty breeze and crimson sunsets with a mimosa in hand as the kids swim in the pool. Paradise could be interrupted, unfortunately, by abrupt illness. Now you must spend the rest of your vacation in your cabin bathroom – sans mimosa.

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