What To Do After A Car Accident In Louisiana

There are five steps that you can take after a motor vehicle accident to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event that you must file a personal injury claim.

Step One: Call The Police And Get A Police Report

Immediately after an accident, adrenaline is often cranked up so high that people do not realize the full extent of their injuries. They choose not to call the police and simply exchange information with the other driver. When the pain starts and the injuries reveal themselves, they do not have a police report, an important piece of evidence in a car accident claim. Police reports document the facts, often indicating who the officer believed to be at fault. Without that evidence, cases become significantly more challenging.

Step Two: Get Names And Phone Numbers From Witnesses

The police may not arrive immediately. While waiting, you may be approached by people who say they witnessed the accident. Do not just send them on their way. Get their names and phone numbers. This information can prove critical in a car accident claim.

Step Three: Take Pictures At The Accident Scene

If possible, use a camera (even a cellphone camera) to document the scene of the accident. Take shots that show where the accident took place. Get pictures of your vehicle and any other vehicles involved. Get pictures of your injuries. Accident scenes are cleaned up quickly, so these photos can end up being important evidence.

Step Four: Get Medical Attention

An accident leaves the driver with minor chest pain. He goes home, takes some painkillers, goes to sleep and does not wake up. That minor chest pain was a broken rib that punctured his spleen. While this is extreme, situations like this happen all the time. You do not know the extent of your injuries. Go to a doctor. Get treated. Make sure your injuries are documented.

Step Five: Contact Our Auto Accident Attorneys

Want to know exactly what to do after a car accident in Louisiana? Contact our experienced lawyers in New Orleans. We will review the specifics of your case and make certain the appropriate action is taken. Contact us online or call us at 504-264-9915 or toll free at 866-920-5611.

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