Understanding Maintenance And Cure After A Gulf Coast Injury

After an injury at sea, it isn’t always immediately clear who — if anyone — is to blame. One thing is clear, however: the injured person needs medical care. But who pays for it?

Under the maritime law doctrine of maintenance and cure, injured seamen are entitled to receive certain benefits from their employer, regardless of whose fault the injury was. All maritime employers have a duty to care for injured workers.

These benefits are designed to cover both medical care and basic living expenses until you are able to work again.

  • Maintenance helps you meet your basic living expenses, including food, rent and utilities.
  • Cure covers reasonable medical costs to treat your injury or illness, such as hospital bills, X-rays and other diagnostic tests, prescription medicine and physical therapy.

In addition, you should receive the wages you would otherwise receive under your employment contract.

What If Your Employer Says No?

Unfortunately, not all maritime employers provide their workers the benefits they are entitled to under law. If your employer disputes your right to maintenance and cure, you should discuss your situation with a maritime lawyer. At Frischhertz & Impastato, we help injured seamen receive the maintenance and cure they need to recover from their injury and meet their living expenses. Whether you need help understanding your rights or your employer is disputing the severity of your illness or injury, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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