Risky Jobs In Louisiana Become Even More Dangerous With Defective Equipment

Many jobs are dangerous enough. If you do not have working or adequate equipment, the risk of serious injury increases. If you were injured in a workplace accident and you suspect faulty equipment is to blame, you may be entitled to more than workers’ compensation. In some situations you may make a products liability claim that a product manufacturer designed or produced a defective product.

At Frischhertz & Impastato, in New Orleans, we can assist with all your legal needs if you are injured because of defective equipment in the workplace. In addition to our workers’ compensation practice, we have significant experience with product liability cases. We understand how to investigate workplace accidents, and we have access to a network of experts who can help prove defective equipment caused your injuries

Defective Equipment Claims May Provide Better Compensation

Construction accidents, harbor accidents and many other workplace accidents can happen for many reasons, including:

  • Using or trying to repair broken or jammed machinery
  • Scaffolding or ladder collapses
  • Electrocution, shocks and burns from defective electrical equipment

For injuries from these types of accidents, you need a lawyer who understands both workers’ compensation and defective equipment cases. Sometimes a defective equipment claim can provide you with more complete compensation than workers’ compensation alone. Sometimes the only remedy available is a defective equipment claim against the manufacturer.

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