Verdicts And Settlements

1) Jury Verdict in 2017 of $37,000,000 for U.S. Army Veteran who suffered an above-the-knee amputation as a result of injury sustained on a maritime dock on the Mississippi River.

2) Jury Verdict in 2017 of $877,102.00 for a client who fell as Winn Dixie and injured her neck. Trial took place in St. Charles Parish.

3) Jury Verdict in 2017 for a client who was injured at a Casino in Shreveport and required back surgery. Caddo Parish jury awarded $1,429,928.70 for client’s injuries.

4) Settlement in the amount of $9,400,000 for commercial vehicle crash, causing brain damage to plaintiff.

5) Jury verdict for $4,254,000 in Las Vegas for plaintiff with crush injury to calf and foot surgery resulting from semi tractor-trailer collision with plaintiff.

6) Products Liability settlement in Florida during trial for $3,100,000 for plaintiff with brain/closed head injury. Final offer from defendant before trial was $2,000,000.

7) Jury verdict of $1,254,000 against International Gaming for jackpot won by plaintiff but contested by IGT in New Orleans. Case went to jury trial twice and ultimately to state Supreme Court, affirmed in plaintiffs’ favor.

8) Settlement in automobile crash for $1,625,000 for plaintiff with back surgery and recommendation for future neck surgery.

9) Settlement in automobile crash caused by commercial vehicle for $1,550,000, for case pending in Federal Court in New Orleans.

10) Successfully obtained a settlement in excess of $1.5 million for a car accident victim who required back surgery.

11) Settlement in the amount of $900,000 for mother and 9-month old child for injuries in car crash. Fortunately, plaintiffs recovered from injuries before settlement and without the need for surgery.

12) Settlement in the amount of $800,000 against commercial trucking company for motor vehicle crash causing cervical damage and aggravation of prior lumbar herniated discs, requiring cervical fusion.

13) Settlement in Hurricane Katrina litigation on behalf of bed and breakfast against insurer for total of $780,000 in insurance proceeds paid to client, where merely $53,000 was paid prior to our firm filing suit for plaintiff.

14) Settlement of $655,000 in settlement on behalf of church against commercial property insurer following Hurricane Rita. Less than $50,000 had been paid to plaintiff church before our firm filed suit on their behalf.

15) Judgment after trial in Orleans Parish in excess of $600,000 for foreign plaintiff with spine injuries suffered in maritime accident, with no surgical recommendation.

16) Jury Verdict in Orleans Parish in favor of plaintiff, for defect in highway operations and negligent maintenance of highways in the amount of $520,000 for cervical fusion and associated damages. Final offer from Defendant before trial was $25,000. Jury returned verdict in excess of $520,000.

17) Settlement in excess of $500,000 in case on behalf of subcontractor against general contractor, involving misappropriation of funds by general contractor.

18) Obtained a jury verdict of $500,000.00 in favor of an automobile accident victim who injured her neck without the need for surgery.

19) Settlement of $500,000 for surgically repaired leg injury for college student hit as pedestrian by vehicle on campus. Plaintiff recovered from her injuries before settlement obtained.

20) Settlement in products liability case against tractor-trailer manufacturer and trucking company in the amount of $465,000 for unoperated herniated lumbar disc without surgery.

21) Jury verdict of $440,000 in Civil District Court for Orleans Parish crush injury to foot.

22) Jury verdict in Orleans Parish in excess of $400,000 for plaintiff in automobile crash with minimally invasive outpatient procedure to back. Final offer from defense before trial was $250,000.

23) Settlement of $275,000 for motor vehicle crash for herniated cervical disc without surgery.

24) Settlement of $225,000 for aggravation of prior cervical degenerative disc disease and aggravation of degenerative lumbar disc disease without recommendation for surgery.

25) Jury verdict of $185,000 in favor of plaintiff for bulging cervical disc without surgery.

26) Successfully fought all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court to protect the rights of Louisiana drivers by requiring automobile insurance companies to properly document and inform Louisiana drivers of their rights to obtain uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage under Louisiana law resulting in Louisiana drivers being better informed and better protected should they be injured in an automobile accident.

27) Fought for, and obtained, an injunction on behalf of dozens of residents of New Orleans East preventing a developer from building poor quality housing adjacent to their subdivision resulting in a preservation of the property values and quality of life of the citizens of New Orleans East.