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New Orleans Personal Injury Law Blog

Were you injured in a collision with a streetcar?

When you think of a motor vehicle crash, you probably visualize a collision between two cars, or a car and a truck. In New Orleans, there can also be a collision with a streetcar.

Our iconic streetcars move slowly, but they are bigger than passenger cars. If you collide with one, you are likely to be on the losing end in terms of injuries.

Safety on offshore oil rigs still has a long way to go

Safety has always been a concern on offshore oil rigs and platforms. Modern technology is making great strides in terms of protecting oil company employees. However, given the increasing worldwide demand for this commodity, the safety of workers is still paramount.

The need for speed

What to know before motorcycle riding this fall

Have you heard of the Caramel Curves in New Orleans, maybe seeing the feature on the Steve Harvey Show? It is a motorcycle club consisting of all African-American females. The women's passion for motorcycles and decision to wear matching fashion when riding together show just how exciting and unifying the activity can be.

Perhaps they have gotten you to want to take up the biker life. Before you hit the road, however, it is important to know the autumn dangers you may face in the New Orleans area.

How often are work zones a factor in accidents and road deaths?

Road construction is more or less unavoidable in Louisiana, with the state’s roadways regularly in need of repair or expansion, but for many drivers, navigating through road work zones can be confusing, stressful and difficult. Big trucks and large construction equipment can prove hard to see around, for example, and traffic patterns that change from one day to the next can confuse and endanger even local motorists. However, other drivers struggling to make their way through work zones also pose a substantial risk to the motoring public.

Just how much of a hazard is today’s growing number of work zones for Louisiana motorists?

On-deck injuries are common for commercial fishermen

Many commercial fishermen in Louisiana have been around the sea and fishing boats all their lives and know how dangerous an occupation fishing can be.

Poor weather conditions might be at fault for incidents in which commercial fishermen suffer injuries while at sea, but on-deck slip-and-fall accidents are the primary cause of non-fatal injuries.

New Orleans is home to more cyclists and bike-related injuries

If you are new to The Crescent City, you may not realize how much bicycle enthusiasts have embraced New Orleans. Autumn is on its way, which is a great time for bike lovers to enjoy riding. However, cyclists are vulnerable to injury, especially when they are in close proximity to motorists.

Programmed for bigger vehicles

How is an outbreak of illness on a cruise ship handled?

Whether you are on your first cruise or your tenth, you want everything to go smoothly.

An outbreak of illness on board can ruin an otherwise enjoyable voyage. How is such an outbreak handled, and do you have recourse if you become sick?

Pleasure boating, bad weather and negligence

On the evening of July 19, 2018, there was a tragic boating accident in Missouri in which many people lost their lives.

Witnesses say bad weather was to blame for the sinking of the duck boat on Table Rock Lake, but who was to blame for allowing the boat to go out?

Top driving dangers for summer in Louisiana

Summer is fully underway, meaning an increase in vacations abroad, road trips across the state, visits to the beach and parties in the backyard. There is so much to do in summer, most of which requires driving to get to.

Driving is already hazardous enough, but summer brings unique challenges to the road. Knowing what these dangers are can help you prevent an accident or pinpoint the cause if you do get into a crash.

Caregiver negligence can lead to personal injuries

Caregivers have a special duty of care to their charges, whether these charges are children or adults. For instance, nursing home caregivers are typically responsible for making sure that residents eat nutritious food on an ongoing basis and get around safely.

Similarly, the nanny or babysitter of a child has the responsibility of taking appropriate safety precautions and asking for parents' permission when deviating from the norm. Unfortunately, these rules sometimes go out of the window when the caregiver is driving the child around. It is easy for people to have a different mindset in their car than in a home.

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