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New Orleans Personal Injury Law Blog

Tugboat workers qualify for Jones Act “maintenance and cure”

Perhaps you are a deckhand on a tugboat that operates on the Mississippi River. You are new to this kind of work and unfamiliar with maritime law.

For example, if you suffer an injury aboard an inland tugboat, you should be eligible for “maintenance and cure” under the Jones Act. What does this mean?

Boating safety tips for the spring

Warm weather is on the way, which means you may be getting ready to take your boat out soon. Whether you use your boat for recreational or professional purposes, it is always vital to be as safe as possible. If you get into a boating accident, you may suffer injuries, financial hardships and emotional trauma. 

Even if you are a seasoned boater, you can always brush up on some safety guidelines. Check out the tips below to make sure you are operating your boat as safely as possible this spring. 

What to do after a hit-and-run injury

Louisiana is one of the worst states for hit-and-runs in the country. Over 2,000 hit-and-run fatalities occur every year in the United States, and Louisiana, particularly New Orleans, ranks second in the entire nation.

You may know immediately if you sustained an injury after an auto accident where the other driver left the scene. You need to protect your rights and ensure you do everything in your power to get your medical expenses covered. Here is what you need to do following a hit and run. 

A personnel basket transfer is a high-risk operation

Let us say you are starting a new job on an oil rig. You probably know an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico presents a dangerous working environment.

However, you may not be familiar with the danger involved with the personnel basket transfer and the possibility of injuries.

Steps you should remember to take after a vehicle crash

Fortunately, not all traffic accidents are major events; most are only fender-benders. Still, any collision is a jarring experience for your nerves, at the very least.

Think ahead and keep these six steps in mind in case you should ever be the victim of a vehicle accident.

What benefits can a dock worker expect under the LHWCA?

Perhaps you are one of the many dock workers at the Port of New Orleans, and you spend your days loading and unloading cargo.

If you fall and break your leg during a loading operation on a barge, how long do you have to file a claim under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act? Also, what benefits can you expect?

Do you work in one of New Orleans' most dangerous jobs?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of the most dangerous jobs in the country by looking at various factors such as fatalities, on-the-job injuries and other workplace hazards. In New Orleans, there are several industries that fall into the most dangerous jobs list.

If you work in one of these high-risk occupations, you should know how to take extra precautions to stay safe. In addition, you should also prepare to seek compensation for your injuries if you get hurt during the normal course of your work, especially if your employer is at fault for your injuries.

5 ways to stay healthy on your next cruise

You work hard to earn time away from work. When planning your dream vacation, you may be thinking about boarding a cruise ship. After all, cruise vessels have luxurious accommodations, fun recreational opportunities and delicious food. As you probably know, however, passengers often develop gastrointestinal and other issues when onboard. In fact, the CDC has recorded viral outbreaks on nine cruise ships in 2018 alone. 

Avoiding sickness while traveling is important. Even with your best efforts, however, you may become ill on your cruise. If you do, you may want to exercise your legal right to seek compensation for your sickness. Still, you will likely get more out of your cruise by avoiding illness altogether. Here are five ways to stay healthy the next time you take a cruise. 

Could fish slime contribute to your fishing boat accident?

You may be among the many New Orleans residents who make a living as a commercial fisherman. However, the work can be dangerous, and so can conditions on board the fishing vessel.

If you fall and hit your head because of fish slime on the deck, can you file a claim for compensation under the Jones Act?

Were you injured in a collision with a streetcar?

When you think of a motor vehicle crash, you probably visualize a collision between two cars, or a car and a truck. In New Orleans, there can also be a collision with a streetcar.

Our iconic streetcars move slowly, but they are bigger than passenger cars. If you collide with one, you are likely to be on the losing end in terms of injuries.

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