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Seasickness or food poisoning? How to tell the difference

When you set sail on a cruise, you expect to enjoy the salty breeze and crimson sunsets with a mimosa in hand as the kids swim in the pool. Paradise could be interrupted, unfortunately, by abrupt illness. Now you must spend the rest of your vacation in your cabin bathroom – sans mimosa.

It’s easy to confuse seasickness and food poisoning. After all, they have very similar symptoms. Knowing the difference between them can help ease your suffering as well as determine your legal options when you recover.

One app could create 4 million distracted drivers

Forty years ago, mobile phones looked very different: clunky, brick-like devices that only placed local calls. Since then, mobile devices have undergone rapid evolution. Their features, although futuristic, have created a myriad of problems on Louisiana roads.

Now enters another potentially decade-defining tech distraction: in-vehicle apps. These are accessible on digital displays usually located at the front of the vehicle in the center of the dashboard. Some of these displays can sync to mobile phones.

3 safety tips for driving in fog

At the end of November, a thick fog swallowed Louisiana during early morning hours. While your commute may have only looked like a scene out of a horror movie, this is a good opportunity to consider the actual peril prowling in fog.

Because fog obscures the roadways, many drivers don’t have as much time to react to dangerous situations in their path. The Federal Highway Administration reports that each year, fog plays a key role in around 28,000 crashes and 500 fatalities across the country.

Louisiana pickup truck drivers don't always buckle up

How likely are you to buckle up? It may depend on the vehicle you're driving.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission studied seatbelt use earlier this year in 334 sites across the state. Here are the seatbelt usage rates they found, broken down by the type of vehicle each person was driving:

Fiery oil rig explosion in Lake Ponchartrain

Recently, the Clovelly Oil Co. platform located in Lake Pontchartrain exploded while maintenance was being performed. The explosion sent a fireball high into the sky, severely injuring seven workers who were flown to area hospitals. One worker is missing, and the Coast Guard announced suspension of their search for him a few days later. He was a resident of Texas who was working on the structure as a subcontractor.

Residents around the lake say their houses shook from the explosion. However, no property damage has been reported.

Payment liability on debts of deceased in wrongful death

No one enjoys opening their mailbox to find a stack of bills, or receiving continuous phone calls from a debt collector. However, these scenarios become even more burdensome and stressful when they pertain to debts owed by a deceased loved one. Especially so when it involves a wrongful death. So, who is liable for these claims, and how do they get paid?

Compensation for injuries caused by defective work equipment

Working a job in an already hazardous environment is stressful enough. In addition, workers should never have to worry about whether the equipment required to complete the work is going to operate correctly, especially when their safety depends on it.

Would you be willing to work 10 stories up on scaffolding that may, or may not, hold? What about attempting to repair a jammed-up machine, only to have it release right about the time you stick your hand inside, thereby crushing it? These are the types of situations no workers expects, and these types of accidents should not happen. Injuries caused by defective work equipment do not have to take place, and can be prevented with the correct inspection and maintenance schedules carried out. However, there are instances in which an accident is due to manufacturer error.

Criminal charges as evidence in a wrongful death claim

In some cases, criminal charges may be presented as evidence in support of a wrongful death claim. In a 2015 accident in New Orleans, a 33-year-old woman drove her car directly into the path of an 18-wheeler hauling a large crane. When the truck driver was forced to slam on his brakes, the crane shifted forwards, crushing the cab and killing the driver.

Do truck drivers have driving time limitations?

Most people are unfamiliar with the rules imposed on truck drivers regarding driving time limitations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the federal agency tasked with ensuring that truck companies and their drivers are held to certain standards of safety on the roads. Where questions exist about what these standards are, the FMCSA provides some guidance.

What is distracted driving?

There is no doubt that New Orleans residents are busy. From getting out the door on time to get to work, get the kids to school, get all the errands done and get dinner on the table there is little time left for many individuals to slow down and simply enjoy their lives. The rapid pace that many people must keep up with in order to stay on schedule has forced some to look for creative ways to multitask. One very dangerous way that some individuals have found to do two things at once is to try to complete other tasks while driving.

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