Holding Tired Or Distracted Truck Drivers In Louisiana Accountable For Accident Injuries

Like other motor vehicle accidents, many truck accidents in Louisiana may be due to tired or distracted drivers. Truck drivers may not get enough sleep. Because of the demands of their occupation, they may take speed, Nodoz or energy supplements to stay awake while they drive. Like the drivers of personal cars, commercial truck drivers may also text or use their phones while they drive.

But there is a critical difference. Truck drivers operate heavier, more dangerous vehicles than other people do. They should be held to higher standards because of that.

The attorneys at Frischhertz & Impastato will help you hold truck drivers accountable after a crash. We have a team of veteran attorneys with decades of experience as well as young and energetic lawyers. We work together to provide effective representation and personal attention after a truck accident.

How To Avoid A Truck Accident

Of course, it’s best if you can avoid a truck accident in the first place. Keeping in mind some basic facts about how trucks operate can help you prevent an accident.

  • Trucks often make wide turns. Large trucks have wide turning radiuses, meaning they need more room to turn than smaller vehicles. If you are in the turning radius of a truck, be aware that the truck may move into your space. Give the truck plenty of room to turn.
  • Trucks have longer stopping distances. A truck cannot stop in the same distance as a car going at the same speed. Trucks need more room to stop than a smaller vehicle. If a truck is following you too closely on the interstate or highway, move out of the way.

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