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March 2014 Archives

Can decreased lanes lead to safer roads?

Can closing lanes actually improve traffic safety? This sounds counterintuitive but that is exactly what Mayor Kip Holden is betting on. On Baton Rouge's Government Street, plans are moving ahead to reduce the lanes from four to two. Those in the social media arena are questioning the city's plans.

Louisiana man killed in head-on collision

A head-on collision involves twice as much force as that of a rear-end car accident. In such accidents, victims are lucky if they are able to walk away with their lives. Many victims are not able to do so and the families of loved ones are left with painful losses. What's more, the crash can lead to families suffering financial losses -- in addition to the emotional trauma they have been forced to endure. While it may be impossible to reverse the emotional damage, monetary compensation can help, in some cases, to alleviate some of the financial burden.

Toyota Penalty for Lying About Defect

Following up on our prior post, it has been reported that Toyota will pay $1.2 billion in penalties for lying about defects.  See Toyota Settlement.  This related to the accelerator defect that caused several accidents and deaths.  You may recall after initial reports, there was a media campaign launched to discredit the reports of defects.


GM has announced that it is now recalling over a million cars with defective ignition switches that cause airbags to fail to deploy.  So far, it has been alleged that 303 deaths are related to the defect.  This would be just another sad story where your heart goes out to the families of the victims, but for the fact that GM allegedly knew of the defect and made a "business decision" not to recall the vehicles. 

Milk contaminated orange juice recalled

Coffee and orange juice are early-morning drink staples on many breakfast tables around the country. Orange juice, in particular, is popular among adult and children. Consumers rely on producers of food and beverages to put a quality product on the shelves, and a product that only contains the ingredients listed on the label. A recent orange juice recall related to unlisted ingredients put many consumers with dairy allergies at risk for severe reactions.

Driver charged in car wreck that killed passenger

In New Orleans, any car wreck carries with it the potential for serious risks to the drivers and passengers. Even the most vigilant and cautious drivers are vulnerable to an auto accident. If the accident is a result of a careless driver, that recklessness is even more egregious to those who suffer from injuries or their families if the accident is a fatal one.