Coffee and orange juice are early-morning drink staples on many breakfast tables around the country. Orange juice, in particular, is popular among adult and children. Consumers rely on producers of food and beverages to put a quality product on the shelves, and a product that only contains the ingredients listed on the label. A recent orange juice recall related to unlisted ingredients put many consumers with dairy allergies at risk for severe reactions.

It has been revealed that some Lehigh Valley, Swiss Premium and Price Chopper brands may have been compromised. During the manufacture of the juice there was an error that caused milk to be mixed with the orange juice. This is a major issue because milk is a major allergen for many Americans. Lehigh Valley Dairy has voluntarily recalled its products. The affected products have a must-sell date by March 23, 2014. Anyone who has purchased a potentially tainted product can call the company for a refund or exchange.

Though no Louisiana residents have been affected by this recall as of yet, it is important to know that injured citizens have rights. Manufacturers have a duty to produce products that are safe for consumers. When a manufacturer breeches this duty, consumers have a right to recover compensation for their injuries.

The legal concept of product liability is the means by which citizens can recover. Product liability cases tend to be highly technical and require expert testimony to explain the defect. An experienced product liability attorney can help the injured determine the best legal course of action for their injury.

Source: Huffington Post, “Orange Juice Recalled in 6 States Due to Milk-Mixing Error,” March 7, 2014.