In New Orleans, any car wreck carries with it the potential for serious risks to the drivers and passengers. Even the most vigilant and cautious drivers are vulnerable to an auto accident. If the accident is a result of a careless driver, that recklessness is even more egregious to those who suffer from injuries or their families if the accident is a fatal one.

A 22-year-old woman recently died after a car wreck. She was a passenger in the vehicle driven by another 22-year-old woman who was arrested after the accident. The vehicle went off the road, ran into a ditch and flipped over. The driver was uninjured. She faces charges of not wearing a seat belt, recklessness and vehicular homicide. The investigation is ongoing.

When there is an accident that results in injuries or death, the aftereffects can be significant. If there are injuries, there could be medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of wages and other issues that crop up. If there is a fatality, the family could be faced with long-term hardship. This type of accident occurs unexpectedly and there is no way to be prepared for it. The major costs that accompany an accident can be both financial and emotional. Insurers will try to settle the case as quickly as possible to keep costs down and it’s important to know the facts in the case before accepting a settlement offer.

In this case, the driver’s friend was killed and the driver has been charged with several crimes due to her alleged recklessness. When there is an accident of this kind, a victim’s family would be well-served to discuss the matter with an attorney before doing anything else.

Source:, “Lake Charles woman faces vehicular homicide charge following fatal crash near Church Point,” March 3, 2014