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July 2017 Archives

What are my options when a relative dies from a doctor's mistake?

Doctors and other medical professionals proclaim oaths that they will do no harm in the diagnosing and treating of their patients. However, as many New Orleans residents know, medical professionals are not infallible, and they can make devastating mistakes when providing their expertise and care. Sometimes when a doctor makes a grievous error in the treatment of a patient that they serve, the patient may succumb to their ailments or die from the treatments prescribed when their condition may have otherwise been remedied.

Offshore oil rig accidents result in significant fatalities

Between the years of 2003 and 2010, 128 individuals died in offshore oil and gas operation incidents. This figure divides into an average of 16 deaths during each of the included years. All but one of the fatalities occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, the body of water that New Orleans residents enjoy using for its beaches and water sports. The fatality rate for workers in this incredibly dangerous industry is around seven times higher than the fatality rate of workers in other industries and the work presents individuals with serious dangers that do not exist in other fields of employment.

Inadequate warnings can make products deadly

The modern world is replete with conveniences. For example, no longer do New Orleans residents have to wash their clothing by hand - they simply have to throw their shirts and pants into a washing machine with some soap and push a button to have their apparel scrubbed and rinsed as they engage in other activities. There are countless other examples of how consumer products have improved the quality and efficiency of humans' lives and countless ways that people have benefited from the goods they are able to purchase.

Driver hits police car, injures child in New Orleans

There are numerous factors that can influence the proper speed for a driver to move their vehicle when operating within the city of New Orleans. For example, a highway may have a speed limit of 55 miles per hour, but if weather conditions are poor, then it may not be safe for a driver to accelerate their automobile up to that pace. Additionally, heavy traffic or obstructions in the road can also require drivers to reduce their speeds, pay close attention to the highways and use care when driving to their destinations.

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