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March 2016 Archives

How are damages calculated in a wrongful death case?

Many families in Louisiana have had their lives shattered by fatal accidents. A fatal car accident, a fatal offshore accident or other kind of accident can have devastating effects and can leave survivors wondering where to turn. A wrongful death lawsuit is one method used by families in an effort to seek compensation for loss. The question inevitably arises: How much compensation might survivors be able to recover? This blog post will offer a brief answer to this question.

New Orleans victims of truck accidents have options

Most truck drivers who ply the streets and highways of New Orleans are trained professionals who operate in a safe manner. Unfortunately, some are not, and even those who are sometimes screw up and cause an 18-wheeler accident with injuries or worse. Do injured parties have any recourse when their injuries are caused by a negligent truck driver?

Determining fault and liability for an auto accident

Car accidents are a persistent problem in Orleans Parish and the United States generally. The lives of many people have been changed by car wrecks. Sometimes the effects are limited to property damage and minor injuries. Other times, however, victims may experience catastrophic effects from head injury, spinal cord injury and other kinds of injury. Regardless of the impacts, our legal system will assign fault for the accident. How is fault determined for an auto accident? How is the question of legal liability answered for injuries suffered in an accident?

Injured floor hand brings claim for damages in Louisiana

This blog recently discussed admiralty and maritime law and its purposes and applicability. A floor hand on a drilling ship is seeking damages in Louisiana for injuries he sustained to his back. The floor hand recently brought a claim for negligence against his employer for the injuries he suffered. The floor hand asserts in his lawsuit that the Jones Act applies to him. The man is seeking damages for his injuries.

What is admiralty law and to what is it applicable?

Everyone knows that our court system hears cases and controversies that happen in jurisdictions in Louisiana and other states. But how are cases that stem from events that occurred at sea handled? In these matters, there is a special area of law called admiralty law that addresses many of these cases. This blog post will serve as a brief introduction to admiralty law.

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