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December 2017 Archives

Seasickness or food poisoning? How to tell the difference

When you set sail on a cruise, you expect to enjoy the salty breeze and crimson sunsets with a mimosa in hand as the kids swim in the pool. Paradise could be interrupted, unfortunately, by abrupt illness. Now you must spend the rest of your vacation in your cabin bathroom – sans mimosa.

One app could create 4 million distracted drivers

Forty years ago, mobile phones looked very different: clunky, brick-like devices that only placed local calls. Since then, mobile devices have undergone rapid evolution. Their features, although futuristic, have created a myriad of problems on Louisiana roads.

3 safety tips for driving in fog

At the end of November, a thick fog swallowed Louisiana during early morning hours. While your commute may have only looked like a scene out of a horror movie, this is a good opportunity to consider the actual peril prowling in fog.

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