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October 2015 Archives

Worker killed aboard drilling ship off Louisiana coast

It is important that workers are protected which is why different legal options may be available to protect workers and their families who have suffered work-related harm. A 34-year old man was recently killed on a drilling ship off the coast of Louisiana. The victim was married and had three children. Reports noted that the family of the victim had not been provided with many details concerning the death, what happened and how the victim died. Both the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the U.S. Coast Guard are investigating the fatal accident aboard the drilling ship.

Products liability: Cheerios recalled in Louisiana

Cereal is a staple on the Louisiana breakfast table. Even citizens with gluten allergies can enjoy this popular food. Cereal manufacturers must take the appropriate steps to ensure that each box produced is free from allergens and safe for consumers. Food giant, General Mills, has issued a voluntary recall of one of their most popular cereals.

Defect Fujitsu laptop battery recalled in Louisiana

Laptops and smart phones have become a part of everyday life in Louisiana. These products are present as we interact with our friends and family. They are also an important part of how we do business in the state. The safety of these products must be ensured to prevent injuries. Accordingly, a recall of a defective laptop battery is cause for concern.