Laptops and smart phones have become a part of everyday life in Louisiana. These products are present as we interact with our friends and family. They are also an important part of how we do business in the state. The safety of these products must be ensured to prevent injuries. Accordingly, a recall of a defective laptop battery is cause for concern.

Any Louisiana resident that owns a Fujitsu laptop should pay close attention to this recall. The Fujitsu lithium ion battery pack sold or provided as a replacement battery with Model number CP556150-1 are being recalled.

The company has received reports that the batteries have caught fire. The fires have been so severe that it has caused damage to nearby furniture. No injuries have been reported by owners of the laptop.

If a Fujitsu batter pack begins to spark, consumers should turn off their computer and remove the battery pack. The company will replace defective battery packs free of cost.

Any consumer who has been injured by a defective product has a right to seek compensation in Louisiana. It does not matter if the product was not purchased by the injured party. Manufacturers have a duty to design products that are safe. If a product injures a consumer due to defective design or in manufacturing, the company may be liable.

Injured consumers should seek the counsel of an experienced product liability attorney. An attorney will assess the case to determine all possible legal courses of action. Consumers have a right to be protected from negligent companies.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Fujitsu America Recalls Battery Packs for Fujitsu Notebook Computers Due to Fire Hazard,” Sept. 24, 2015