It is important that workers are protected which is why different legal options may be available to protect workers and their families who have suffered work-related harm. A 34-year old man was recently killed on a drilling ship off the coast of Louisiana. The victim was married and had three children. Reports noted that the family of the victim had not been provided with many details concerning the death, what happened and how the victim died. Both the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the U.S. Coast Guard are investigating the fatal accident aboard the drilling ship.

A BSEE representative reported that Chevron was operating the drilling ship at the time the fatal accident took place. The BSEE representative also reported that they would not be regularly providing reports concerning the investigation. According to family, the victim had been working on the drilling ship since January and was due to return home to his family in two weeks. The victim had previously worked in the construction industry.

The owner of the ship expressed that it was addressing the needs of the victim’s family. Sadly, oil rigs can be dangerous places to work. Employers, however, are responsible for the safety of their employees on oil rig platforms. When a worker has been injured or killed, the worker and the worker’s family may have options available to them to receive compensation for the harm and losses they have suffered.

Depending on the circumstances, workers and their family members may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits as well as damages from rig owners and other parties whose negligent caused the harm suffered by the victim. In the wake of a fatal offshore accident, surviving family members may suffer significant emotional and financial challenges and difficulties which is why legal options are available to help with their needs.

Source:, “Gulf of Mexico oil rig incident claims life of Hope man,” Holly S. Edwards, Oct. 21, 2015