Sometimes tragedy can strike seemingly out of nowhere, leaving no answers but only questions in its wake. Many people in Laplace, Louisiana, and all around the state are wondering that today after an early morning fatal car accident on Interstate 10. A wrong-way driver caused a crash that led to the deaths of five people, including the driver.

Alarmed motorists called Louisiana State Police to alert them to a Jeep Cherokee that was travelling eastbound on Interstate 10 west near Laplace. A truck driver who witnessed the crash said that police had stationed themselves at the bottom of a bridge to wait for the driver to arrive. However, before the Jeep got there, it slammed into a Ford Focus with four people. They were all pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

After colliding with the Focus, the wrong-way Jeep was then hit by a tractor-trailer and another vehicle. The Jeep burst into flames and the as-yet unidentified driver was killed. The truck driver and another man were injured as a result of the crash. None of the victims was identified right away, and because the wrong-way driver’s vehicle was burned so badly, authorities could not immediately determine if that person was wearing a seat belt or was under the influence of intoxicants.

While there are no answers about the crash right now, they will be uncovered in the days and weeks to come. Those who were injured in the crash, as well as the relatives of those who were killed, will no doubt want to consult with attorneys who have experience dealing with car accidents and wrongful death claims.

Source:, “Police unable to stop wrong-way driver before fatal crash,” Feb. 10, 2012