Our New Orleans readers may have seen a recent post that detailed Louisiana’s higher than average rate of injury-related deaths. The sad fact that negligent drivers are often to blame for car accidents should encourage many Louisiana residents to practice safe driving techniques and to always wear their seatbelts.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the most careful and considerate of people are injured, or even killed, in auto accidents. This seems to have been the case in a recent crash on I-10, where a man was struck and killed by a car, after he himself had hit another car and had been checking on the other driver.

The original accident, a minor one, apparently occurred around 9:30 pm on a Saturday night. A 31-year-old man driving a pickup truck struck a Chevy Cavalier on the interstate. When the two cars pulled over, one on each side of the lane, the pickup truck driver crossed to check on the driver of the Cavalier. After doing so he began to cross back to his vehicle, at which time he was struck by another vehicle driven by a 24-year-old woman. The man died at the scene of the car wreck, and the driver’s vehicle was itself struck by another car, resulting in minor injuries.

This multi-vehicle crash is, unfortunately, an example of why it is so important to practice the best safety methods when operating a motor vehicle. All of the events of this tragic accident appear to be just an unfortunate sequence of events, but it does not look like anyone has been ruled out in causing the injuries. More details will surely emerge, but car accidents are often caused by negligent and distracted drivers, and this type of inattentiveness may have played a role in this incident.

Source: WWLTV.com, “Man killed walking across interstate to check on accident victim,” June 10, 2012