Truck accidents are dangerous enough-their size and weight are much more than an average vehicle and may cause more devastation if involved in an accident-but a semi accident involving hazardous material is even more dangerous.

Louisiana State Police are contending with just that in the 18-wheeler accident that took place on the highway, involving a car, a tanker and an 18-wheeler. According to reports, a tanker truck stopped when a car flipped on the interstate. An 18-wheeler hit the truck from behind. It is unknown if the two victims taken to the hospital suffered serious injuries.

The 18-wheeler that collided with the tanker was carrying beer and the tanker was carrying around 9,000 gallons of isobutene, an incredibly flammable gas akin to propane used in barbeques. The accident caused the truck to leak, and a hazardous materials crew is at the scene of the accident.

They were aiming to transfer the gas from one vehicle to another, but the valves that could be used to do so were damaged in the wreck. Therefore, it could be some time before the accident scene could be cleared off.

According to authorities, gas would continue to leak until it was contained and the process would be both time consuming and dangerous. However, authorities confirmed the public would not be in danger and they continued to conduct air sample testing to ensure the gas did not spread.

The interstate was closed off on both sides due to the accident and it was possible the roads remained closed well into the next day. Police officers are investigating the accident to determine the cause.

Though trucks are important in interstate and intrastate good transport, the long hours truck drivers put in may leave them fatigued and overworked, making them more accident prone. Louisiana residents injured in a truck accident should consider filing a personal injury claim to hold the trucking company liable for their actions and recover compensation for their pain and suffering.

Source: WAFB, “Closures due to tanker leak remain in place,” Aug. 22, 2012