Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident places an emotional burden on family members. A hit-and-run accident may be especially devastating because family members are unsure of who to hold accountable. A recent hit-and-run accident in Louisiana may have ended this way if troopers had not diligently investigated the fleeing driver and arrested her.

The fatal accident took place around midnight on Louisiana Highway 426 west of US 190. According to troopers, the driver struck a cyclist and fled the scene of the accident. The 50-year-old cyclist sustained injuries as a result of the accident, and later died at a nearby hospital.

Troopers began investigating the accident and discovered the make and model of the vehicle they suspected was involved in the accident. Upon further investigation, they ended up at the driver’s residence and realized her car was damaged in ways similar to that of a car in the crash would have been damaged.

Upon procuring a warrant for the car, they analyzed the vehicle and confirmed the 21-year-old female driver’s vehicle was involved in an accident with the cyclist. To determine who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, they obtained security video from a gas station about two miles away from the place the crash took place.

They positively identified the identity of the driver and took her into custody on the charge of felony hit and run three weeks after the accident took place.

The police’s thorough investigation may allow family members to continue with their grieving process. In addition to criminal charges, family members may chose to hold a negligent driver civilly liable for their part in the accident. Compensation received through a wrongful death lawsuit may allow family members to cover funeral expenses and replace lost wages.

Source: Baton Rouge Today, “Fatal Hit and Run Investigation Leads to Arrest of Holden Woman,” Aug. 7, 2012