When there is a defective product in the house, the whole house and everybody in it is at risk. Louisiana residents may not be aware that manufacturers are under a duty to produce safe products. If their products are unsafe, injured consumers may have the ability to file product liability claims to recover compensation for injuries sustained from the dangerous product.

Louisiana residents can keep their houses safe from defective products by keeping track of product recalls. Too often, consumers are unaware they have recalled products in the house and continue to use them. One way to do this is to register new appliances. This ensures that they will receive notification of product recalls. Once becoming aware of the recall, consumers can take the steps necessary to return the product.

Consumers should also keep an eye out for changes in machines. If the appliance does not act the way it is supposed to, then they should turn to someone who can identify the problem, as it may signify something more important, like a malfunctioning part.

Before installing appliances, homeowners with older homes should check the wiring. Older homes are not always able to handle the demands of modern appliances. In addition to this, keeping an eye on power supplies ensures consumers can detect cord frays or damages.

The sheer number of product recalls makes it difficult to keep track of them. While there are websites consumers can check to make sure they are not in possession of recalled products, it is still possible for Louisiana consumers to sustain an injury from a dangerous or defective product.

Though it is helpful for consumers to be aware of recalls surrounding products or appliances in their homes, it is still ultimately the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the products have been thoroughly tested. If they fail to verify product safety, injury can result and those affected may have the ability to pursue civil action. Filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer not only makes compensation available to them, but also raises awareness about the product and may protect other consumers.

Source: KOMO News, “Protecting your home from defective appliances,” Herb Weisbaum, Aug. 16, 2012