When a person dies because of someone else’s misconduct, it may be possible for the deceased’s immediate family to bring forth a wrongful death action. This legal move is frequently used in an effort to gain an additional measure of justice for the fatal accident victim, who perished as the result of another party’s irresponsible decisions.

Recently, a woman and her boyfriend were victims of a hit-and-run accident while leaving the Gueydan Duck Festival in Louisiana. The woman died three days after the accident, while her boyfriend remains hospitalized with both legs broken.

Currently, the investigation involves gathering witness statements and collecting video footage from area businesses and homes, since the at-fault driver has yet to be identified and apprehended. The festival organizers are also offering a $2,500 reward for information relating to the accident. According to a Louisiana State Trooper, the vehicle involved is believed to be a small white car.

In this case, police efforts to track down the driver are important for reasons beyond the need to pursue criminal charges: The victim’s family deserves answers. Depending on the outcome of the police inquity, they may file a wrongful death suit against the negligent driver. Damages in a wrongful death suit may include compensation for loss of support, medical and funeral expenses, as well as any other anticipated financial losses. Unfortunately, no legal action, criminal or civil, can be taken until the responsible party is located.

While no amount of compensation can ever ease the pain and suffering experience by family and loved ones of the victims of this tragic accident at the Gueydan Duck Festival. However, financial obligations can accumulate quickly for survivors and compensation can help ease that financial burden.

Source: Vermilion Today, “State Police searching for driver who killed Gueydan woman after Duck Festival,” Sep. 10, 2012