The Tangiopahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reported a two car crash on October 18. The accident occurred in Hammond, Louisiana, just north of New Orleans. One person was killed in the accident while another victim was airlifted to a hospital in New Orleans. The condition of the second victim was not immediately known.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the car accident occurred around 9 p.m. on Wardline Road just west of Rufus Bankston. Immediately after the accident there were no confirmed reports on the cause of the accident. The confirmed fatality, however, added to the number of 2012 traffic related deaths in Louisiana and the greater New Orleans area.

Clearly, this was a very severe car wreck. With one person fatally wounded and another seeking immediate medical attention, this particular accident can be considered more serious than the average commuter accident. Not all car accidents, though, are the same. These incidents can come in all shapes and sizes.

While some accidents are catastrophic events with fatalities and twisted metal, others are less severe. Anyone involved in a car accident, though, must understand the potential impact of an accident. Even the slightest injury requiring medical attention can be costly. Ambulance fees, lost wages and rehabilitation can derail a person’s financial future.

Seeking out the correct information after a crash can help victims of almost any car accident secure awards that help or completely pay for medical expenses, lost wages and other incidental damages that resulted from the accident. As accident victims in Louisiana continue to mount, it is important for residents to know where to turn.

Source: WWLTV, “One killed, another airlifted to hospital after car accident in Hammond,” Oct. 19, 2012