Every driver on the road has a fiduciary responsibility to everyone else using the road. A driver must be sober and aware of all the surroundings. The use of alcohol and some medications can result in impaired driving which can lead to a car accident.

A Metairie driver with an extensive history of impaired driving found himself in trouble with local residents. Twenty-five of his neighbors petitioned the court five years ago to revoke his probation for DWI. A judge agreed to the petition request and sentenced the man to seven years. The judge suspended four years, leaving him to serve three for his fifth DWI conviction.

Fast-forward to today and the man was just convicted of his sixth DWI. He was found driving under the influence of anti-anxiety medication Xanax and has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. This latest conviction stems from an October 25, 2010 accident where he sideswiped a car and rear-ended another car and attempted to flee the scene of the accident.

Drivers like this are a menace to the streets of Louisiana. Impaired drivers can cause devastating injuries that have long-term effects both on the physical and financial health of those that they injure. Victims of car accidents can suffer from whiplash, knee injuries and in some cases amputation of limbs. Insurance companies can sometimes work against claims of injured parties thus preventing people from receiving much-needed funds. When this happens, victims need an aggressive attorney who will fight for the rights of the injured to obtain compensation.

A competent car accident attorney can establish the value of your case and fight for recovery of medical, financial and emotional costs.

Source: nola.com, “Sixth DWI conviction lands Metairie man in prison for 15 years,” Paul Purpura, Jan. 31, 2013