A recent accident in eastern New Orleans left one young man dead. The four vehicle car accident began when a Chevrolet Lumina operated by a 23-year-old driver was struck from behind. The Lumina then veered into another lane where it was hit from behind by another vehicle. One driver was taken to the hospital for treatment and the driver of the Lumina was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deceased 23-year old driver was headed westbound on Chef Mentuer Highway when he was struck from behind by a Chevrolet Silverado. The 23-year-old was then thrown into traffic where he was hit by a Chevrolet Blazer. A Nissan Maxima that was behind the Blazer was also damaged in the accident.At the time this story was written, the toxicology report had not yet been released on the drivers.

A negligent driver can do irreparable damage to those injured in an accident. Accident victims may suffer from whiplash or fractures or, as in the case of the 23-year old driver, death. An attorney can evaluate an injury case and determine how much medical and financial recovery is needed for full and fair compensation.

Insurance companies may seek to settle claims quickly and for the minimum amount of money without regard for the ongoing needs of the injured. However, a personal injury attorney works on the behalf of the injured to get them what they deserve. After an accident, the healing process begins with appropriate medical attention and the counsel of an experienced accident attorney. The combination of medical and legal help can help get life back to normal.

Source: www.nola.com, “Fatal accident in eastern New Orleans kills one man, leaves another injured,” Helen Freund, 02-14-2013