The death of a loved one can be a difficult event to deal with. It is often an emotional time for friends and family members. Furthermore, several questions could be left unanswered. Their death could be caused by the ill will or negligence of another person. This could lead to both criminal and civil liabilities following the death.

The family of a Louisiana woman is still mourning her January death that came at the hands of St. John Parish Sheriff’s deputies. Recently, the family has taken a step towards healing and has filed a wrongful death suit against those they feel are responsible for the untimely death of the 60-year-old.

A routine traffic stop on January 24, 2013 resulted in the shooting that caused the death of a woman. The official stance of the Louisiana State police department is that she refused to get out of her vehicle and fired a shot at the deputy during the stop.

The deputy said that he returned fire in defense and that the he was justified in using such force. However, Lassere’s family describes a different person that was peaceful and never carried or owned a gun. They believe that there is a systematic cover-up in place to prevent the truth from being revealed.

The woman’s son brought the wrongful death suit. The suit alleges that the Sheriff and his deputies caused the unjustified killing of the driver. The suit also alleges that her civil rights were violated in the process. Her son is seeking $5 million in damages for what he deems to be intentional and outrageous acts conducted by Louisiana law enforcement.

The state of Louisiana allows wrongful death suits like this one to be brought by certain family members. Children or spouses of the deceased can seek compensation for the loss of life. An experienced professional can ensure that the family’s interests are protected and provide them with guidance and information regarding their options.

Source:, “Son of woman killed by St. John Parish deputies sues sheriff,” Juliet Linderman, August 8, 2013