Whenever manufacturers put products into the stream of commerce, they are expected to make sure that they will be safe. The United States has a system to alert the public of the problems when that expectation is not met. Unsafe products are recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Water-Absorbing Polymer Balls are one recent example of a product that has been recalled. Part of the problem lies in the appearance of the toy: Polymer Balls can be mistaken for candy by a child. If ingested, the marble-sized balls can cause intestinal damage. The toy will expand in the abdomen and may result in discomfort, vomiting and life-threatening dehydration.

The presence of the toy in the body can be difficult to diagnose because it does not appear on an x-ray. Once it actually is detected, surgery is required to remove the toy. The hazardous toys were sold all over the country, including on Amazon.com.

The fact that a children’s toy appears to be edible but is potentially fatal if ingested is evidence of a possible design defect. When such a defect is present in any consumer product and a consumer is injured, a manufacturer can be pursued for damages through a product liability claim. Injuries from a defective product can lead to significant medical bills and other damages. These losses deserve compensation.

Pulling together the right team of experts to explain all the technical issues related to this special class of personal injury cases is an important key to any financial recovery. New Orleans residents who have been injured by consumer products may wish to seek the advice of an experienced product liability attorney.

Source: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Be Amazing! Toys Recalls Monster Science and Super Star Science Colossal Water Balls Due to Serious Ingestion Hazard,” July 31, 2013