A blender is a common kitchen item found in many homes in Louisiana. Users expect that their blenders will hold up while making a variety of foods and drinks. When a blender malfunctions it can pose a serious risk of injury to the operator and anyone nearby.

Users of the Frigidaire Professional blender are exposed to this type of risk every time they turn on their blender. Frigidaire has set this item for recall due to a laceration hazard to customers. When the blender is in use, the blade shaft assembly can sometimes break. The remedy for this is to have the item replaced. Consumers who are concerned about the defective blender can contact Frigidaire for a replacement.

This recall is another example of a defective product that has the potential to do harm to users. A consumer that is injured by an item that has been placed into the stream of commerce may have a product liability case. Insufficient warnings, malfunctioning products or serious injuries are all factors that can point to the presence of negligent design or negligent manufacturing.

Product liability cases can be very technical. A variety of skilled witnesses are often needed to explain the nature of the defect, which is an important aspect of proving negligence. New Orleans residents who have been injured by a product may want to seek legal counsel that is experienced in these cases. The right counsel can put together the team of experts that will help those injured by defective products build their case while they rebuild their lives.

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