Fans of singer Michael Jackson waited anxiously this week as the verdict of his wrongful death suit was handed out. The Jackson family did not receive the outcome that they desired. The jury decided that AEG was not responsible for the iconic singer’s death.

After a five-month trial that exposed the singer’s history of addiction and some of AEG’s disdain for the singer, the verdict was delivered. It was determined that AEG did hire Dr. Conrad Murray, and that he was competent to work as Jackson’s physician.

In emails, AEG sometimes referred to Jackson as “the freak.” It was clear that the company was concerned about his ability to complete the “This is It” tour and had great interest in protecting their $30 million investment. However, none of their behavior rose to the level of liability for Jackson’s death.

The Jackson family is reported to be disappointed by the decision. Nonetheless, the family attorney will consider their legal options, which could include a future appeal.

For their part, AEG is pleased with the outcome, and believes this was a case about personal choice. To illustrate this point, they produced evidence of Propofol use that dated back to the 1990s. Though a decision has been rendered, this may not be the last time issues surrounding Jackson’s death are litigated.

When a wrongful death case is tried for an individual that is not a public figure, the trial does not usually get media coverage. This does not mean that the issues are any less important to the family members that are seeking answers.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Michael Jackson Verdict: Jury Reaches Decision In Promoter Negligence Case,” Anthony McCartney, Oct. 2, 2013