After a motor vehicle accident, everyone involved is expected to remain at the scene of the accident. Those who fail to do so are violating duties required by law. Oftentimes, drivers will flee the scene of an accident because they are aware of being at fault and hope to avoid facing charges. These drivers, in many cases, can be later identified and brought to justice and any victims and loved ones involved in the accident can pursue compensation for the damage inflicted on them.

A tragedy occurred recently in New Orleans involving a 2-year-old boy and his 29-year-old aunt. After their car broke down on a bridge, the boy and his aunt stepped outside when they were pushed over the bridge’s railing. Tragically, the woman died at the scene and the boy later died of his injuries at a nearby hospital. Other people involved in the accident suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The accident was apparently caused by a chain reaction. What appeared to be a hit-and-run accident took place behind the boy and his aunt: a truck hit an SUV which then led to the boy and his aunt being pushed over the bridge’s railing. Three vehicles remained on the scene but the truck left. Police believe that there were other vehicles involved in the accident that had driven away as well. Detectives are searching for the driver of the truck and the investigation continues.

A multiple-vehicle accident pulls many people into the wreckage — not just those directly involved. Loved ones of victims fatally injured in one of these accidents are dragged into a tragic situation. They are forced to bear the loss of a loved one, but they should not have to suffer further from financial strains placed on them by medical expenses and costs from other damages. Thankfully, loved ones can file a wrongful death claim and pursue compensation that can help alleviate some of this burden, giving loved ones a chance at a fair recovery.

Source: The Times Picayune, “2-year-old and aunt die after being thrown from high-rise bridge,” Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, Nov. 24, 2013