Google Glass is a device that is a computer you can wear as a head-mounted device. The Glass is hands free and allows users to access the internet using voice commands. The new technology is beginning to hit the market. One user received a ticket while wearing the device and driving his car in California. This was the first case of its kind, but legal scholars believe that it will not be the last.

The San Diego County traffic court commissioner conceded that, when the current traffic laws were drafted, Google Glass technology was not anticipated. Therefore, wearing the device is currently legal. No law prevents an individual from merely wearing the high tech glasses while driving. However, Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at Stanford Law School believes that this is the first of many cases. The issue is sure to be litigated until the law is clarified.

Though cutting edge, using Google Glass to access the Internet, while driving, is yet another way to participate in distracted driving. Anything that takes attention away from focusing on the road can create a traffic disaster. These disasters can result in injuries to drivers and the victims in their path. In some cases, victims pay the ultimate price with their lives.

Accident victims and surviving loved ones of those who have been killed may be able to recover for their loss. Whether it is lost wages or uncovered medical bills, the financial difficulty created by a car accident can negatively affect the financial health of a family. An accident attorney may be able to help these victims recover the compensation that they deserve.

Source: ABA Journal, “Driver ticketed for Google Glass acquitted, but ‘the fun is just starting,’ legal expert says,” Martha Neil, Jan. 17, 2014.