The polar vortex that has swept much of the nation has caused a variety of problems. One deadly result of the cold air, snow and ice has been the creation of dangerous road conditions. Drivers in some states have been met with white-out conditions that made it hard to see the highway. One such weather pattern created the perfect storm that lead to a truck accident that killed three motorists.

The Michigan City, Indiana, accident occurred Thursday January 23, 2014. Witnesses said that a semi truck lost control and began sliding on the icy highway. Eventually the truck jackknifed in the middle of the road. Subsequently 46 vehicles, including 18 semi-trailers, were involved in a massive pileup on the highway. All eastbound lanes of Interstate 94 remained closed until Friday afternoon when workers were able to completed clear the road of all debris. Three people were killed in the accident and another twenty were injured.

It is not clear if distracted driving played a part in this accident. However, severe weather conditions such as this one are an example of when great caution should be taken by every driver on the road. A split second decision can forever alter the life of a fellow motorist. Snow isn’t the only potentially dangerous road hazard, and plenty of weather conditions found often in states like Louisiana can be just as hazardous.

Individuals who have been injured by a truck or commercial vehicle may have great difficulty recovering for injuries sustained in an accident. Multiple entities may contribute to the negligence that caused the accident. An experienced accident attorney may be able to help individuals to recover for lost wages and medical bills.

Source:, “3 die, scores hurt in massive crash on snowy I-94 in northwest Indiana,” Larry Copeland, January 24, 2014.